Q-registrations is a powerful, scalable and fully customizable incident registration and reporting system for large organisation. It is working with the most highly efficient and ultra fast back-end database engines.


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Situations described in these demonstrations are fictional. Any similarities to real people and events are coincidental and unintentional

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Q-registrations, the professional safety management system for incidents registration, reporting and analysis.

Version 2.5


Key features

bullet Multiple language interface
bullet Private or public sections
bullet Design your own dataset describing the incidents
bullet Fields are customisable and with translations (dropdown list, checkbox, date picker, timestamp)
bullet Powerful search utility
bullet Secure registration
bullet Complete customisation with templates
bullet Multiple database engine supported
bullet More...

On-line help

bullet Technical features and requirements
bullet Administrator's manual
bullet What's new

Extension module for Q-registrations


Module Map · Incident locations on map

This module allow locating incident on map.


Module Import/Export xml · Import/Export or archive your Q-registrations data

This module can import/export your data (format xml) from/to other databases.


Module RSS · Allows RSS (syndication)...

This module will create a RSS feed per section. By clicking on the RSS icon, the users will be able to subscribe to these feeds. Read more...


Module pChart · Statistic charts

This module allow having advanced charts in the statistic reports and pdf.


Module SiteWork (soon) · Team on-site working

This module will allow exchanging data between the "master" database and pc, making possible to work disconnected then import back the results into the master database. (Module not yet available) Read more...

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