This module is under construction.

About SiteWork context

SiteWork is designed to allow working QT-registrations without Internet connection: meaning "on site" with a portable PC. It's clear that it is already possible to work on-site with a portable PC that have an Internet connection (wireless). SiteWork is designed for the cases where you DON'T have Internet connection and you want to continue using QT-registrations.


The module SiteWork will allow using a portable/tablet/rugged PC (disconnected) to work on-site. This computer is called here the remote computer.
A staff member will be able to transfert the application structure (sections, fields, status) and some data (tickets and messages) from the website to his remote computer.
He will be able to edit the data or create new data (including editing the location on map). Later, this staff member can send back the data to the website.

From the operational point of view, it is possible that the remote computers will remain "on-site" (e.g. in vehicules). The SiteWork module make possible to transfert the data using an external storage media like an USB memory stick or any memory card.

Technical configuration for SiteWork

(this is a draft, the final configuration may be different)

The remote computer will be configured with a web server and the QT-registrations application. The staff member will have the same application interface as when connected to the website. Only one difference will be visible: the remote computer will use an other map module allowing to work with cached maps (instead of on-line google map).

• Webserver
• The qt-registrations application
• MS-Access or SQLite database file (note, it can be also any supported rdbms if you want to run a database server the remote computers)
• A copy of the maps in cache (can be transfered using an external storage media).

Use case

• When needed, the staff member takes a copy of the database structure and some of the tickets data (xml file) from the website.
• These data are copied on the remote computer and become the new database on the remote pc. The user can now work on the remote computer (the application is exactly the same as the website application).
• When on site work is completed, the staff member use the same process to export the data to the website (only the modified data or the new data are transfered back to the database server.