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QuickTalk is a powerful, scalable and fully customizable forums package for your web site. It has been written using the Web's quickest-growing scripting language; PHP, and is working with the most highly efficient and ultra fast back-end database engines.

QuickTalk forum is a powerful and easy to use forums management package.

Version 3.0

Key features

bullet Unlimited forums and posts
bullet Multiple language interface
bullet Private or public forums
bullet Powerful search utility
bullet Secure registration (Coppa compliant)
bullet Complete customisation with templates
bullet Multiple database engine supported
bullet More...


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Extension modules for QuickTalk forum

Module LAPD/AD · Allows authentication with a LDAP/AD directory...

The module allows configuring application to register and authenticate users with an external LDAP or Active directory.

Module Map · Members location on map

This module allow locating users on map.

Module Antispam · Secure your board against spammers...

This module will analyse the content of the messages. You can configure your board to reject messages without meaning words, messages containing insanities, or messages in other languages. You can also protect your board using a black-list of IP's.

Module RSS · Allows RSS (syndication)...

This module will create a RSS feed per forum. By clicking on the RSS icon, the users will be able to subscribe to these feeds.

Module Export · Export or backup your topics and replies

This module can export topics and replies (per forum or per year) as text files (format CSV for Microsoft Excel or SQL for other databases.

Module Import · Import topics and replies

This module can import QuickTalk topics and replies from other databases.

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