Key features and requirements for QuickTicket version 2.5

bullet Application language: PHP 5 (or next)
bullet Database supported: MySQL, SQL Server, PostgreSQL, Oracle, SQLite, FireBird or DB2
bullet Mail using default php function or smtp server

Security and user settings
bullet Secure registration via e-mail
bullet Secure registration with image code checking (GD library)
bullet E-mail privacy protection
bullet Photo/Avatar supported

bullet Complete customisation with css templates
bullet Multiple language support (v.1 contains english, dutch and french)
bullet Can add your website as Home menu
bullet Managnement of the status and e-mail notifications
bullet Display tickets on agenda (i.e. request date or whised delivery date)

Tickets and replies
bullet Support attached documents
bullet Support wished date and e-mail notification
bullet Support BBcode
bullet Fully configurable follow-up status and notification
bullet Allow ticket dispatching to staff members
bullet Powerful search utility

bullet Unlimited publication sections (Knowledge base articles)
bullet Unlimited private ticket sections
bullet Unlimited public ticket sections


Web host supporting PHP
• 5.0 or next

Database server:
• MySQL 4.1 or above
• SQL Server 2000 or above
• SQL Express 2000 or above
• PostgreSQL 7.x or above
• Oracle 9i or sup.
• Oracle Express 9i or sup.
• Firebird 2.0 or above
• SQLite 3.0 or above

Any ftp client to upload the application files and to set the permissions