QuickTalk guestbook

Key features and requirements for QuickTalk guestbook version 4.0

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[>] Application language: PHP 5 (still compatible with 4.3)
[>] Databases: MySQL, SQL Server, PostgreSQL, SQLite, Firebird, Oracle, DB2 OR
[>] No database: simple use text files stored in a data directory.

[>] Form protected with image code checking (captcha)
[>] E-mail privacy protection
[>] Spam message protection
[>] E-mail notification

[>] 3 application modes: Guestbook, Condolence book or News page
[>] Complete customisation with css templates
[>] Multiple language support (english, french, italian and dutch)
[>] Can add your website as Home menu

Message options
[>] Support BBcode
[>] Support emoticons
[>] Multiple customisable fields (age, location, email)
[>] Support location map (Google API)
[>] Checking languages, incoherent messages or insanes words


Web host supporting PHP
• 5.0 or next

File system or a database server:
• MySQL 4.1 or above
• SQL Server 2000 or above
• PostgreSQL 7.x or above
• Firebird 2.0 or above
• SQLite 3.0 or above
• Oracle/Oracle Express 9 or above

Any ftp client to upload the application files and to set the permissions